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How to Design and Deliver Awesome Presentations

Is the ability to design and deliver compelling presentations an important ability for people on your team? If so, my creative presentations workshop is for you!

Organisations pay me thousand of Euro and fly me around the world to speak at their events. They do not do this because I have a pretty face. They do it because they know I can deliver an exceptional, original and creative presentation. Though I like to think my face is okay too. Scroll down to read what people have said about me.

Now, I want to share my secrets with you, so that you and your colleagues can deliver awesome, original presentations that get results!

This workshop goes light-years beyond the usual training about not using too many bullet points on your PowerPoint slides and not reading off note cards. I will share with you tricks that highly paid professional speakers use to deliver awesome presentations and talks with confidence. I will teach you and your colleagues to design and deliver presentations that stand out and get results.

Would that help your business? I bet it would!



This workshop can be designed to suit all levels, from inexperienced to senior managers who make presentations all the time. I can also design the workshop to suit non-native English speakers who need to make compelling presentations in English.


Workshop Options

I offer a choice of training workshops, masterclasses and events depending on how much you want to improve.

20-60 Minute Keynote

If time is tight or you want me to to deliver the information to a large group (such as at a big event), I can deliver the information in the form of a fun and informative key-note style talk.

Half Day Workshop

If time is tight, a half day workshop is just the thing. It is sufficient for me to share my secrets with you as well as for a few exercises that enable you to try out a couple of techniques. It is not enough time for participants to do presentations.

One and Two Day Masterclass

A masterclass of one to two days is plenty of time for me to share the secrets of designing and delivering an awesome presentation and for participants to design and deliver actual presentations for critique. And while they are working on their presentations, I will be coaching them, answering questions and offering tips. This workshop takes up more time than a half day workshop, but you all get so much more out of it.

A two day workshop allows me to teach more techniques, than a one day workshop, and gives participants more time to try those techniques in exercises.

Three Day Masterclass plus Conference

This package is awesome! It works like this:

Day one: a full day masterclass on designing and delivering creative presentations.

Day two: practice, feedback and further development of presentations.

Day three: participants deliver their presentations to their colleagues at a themed company conference, modelled on an Imagination Club event and similar to a TED* event. It would be perfect for an annual gathering or meeting.

Think about this for a moment. Would it not be awesome to turn an annual meeting into an exciting conference where speakers deliver compelling, exciting and thought provoking presentations? And they would not be expensive, professional speakers. They would be you and your colleagues!


Let's Talk

Get in touch and let's get started on turning you and your team into awesome presenters and speakers.



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