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Creative and Effective Writing for Business

To succeed in business today, it is not enough to write well. You must also write to stand out − in various media − to ensure that what you write is actually read and achieves the results you expect. A boring email is deleted right away. A compelling one commands action. A confusing proposal is rejected. A clever one wins the contract. A dull blog post is seldom read to the end. A creative and informative post is bookmarked, shared and remembered.  Would you like to get results like these from your team's writing? You can!

In my creative writing for business training workshop, you and your team learn how to write like professionals and how to apply creative thinking to your writing to ensure it stands out, gets attention and encourages action.

You will learn...

Depending on your needs, we can also cover other topics, including...


Workshops can be adjusted to suit native English speakers, speakers of English as a foreign language and mixed groups. Note, however, this is not a course on English basics. It is for people who are fluent in English.

We can work in British English, American English or both.

Workshop options

All workshops are interactive and include lecture, discussion, individual exercises and group exercises. Contents are tailored to meet the needs of your team.

20-60 minute talk

If time is tight or you want me to to deliver the information to a large group (such as at a big event), I can deliver the information in the form of a fun and informative key-note style talk.

Half day workshop

If timing is tight, a half day workshop can cover the basics.

Full day workshop

A full day workshop provides ample time to cover the basics in some detail as well as a few special topics that are relevant to your needs.

Two day workshop

A workshop of one and a half or two days is sufficient time to cover the basics thoroughly, develop ideas further and cover special topics according to your needs. It is also possible for participants to do a homework writing exercise.

Follow up

For a period of 12 months after the workshop, each participant is invited to send up to five documents (of up to 1000 words per document) to me for critical feedback and advice. The period, number of documents and size of the documents can be increased for an additional fee. 


Let's Talk

If you are interested, let's talk.



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