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God saying to Adam: "I'm busy. Stop laying about and make your dreams happen yourself."

Who Can Best Make Your Goals Happen? The Universe, God or You?

By Jeffrey Baumgartner

So, you want to change your life. You've got a  big goal in mind and it's been in mind far too long. You reckon it is time to make the dream happen and you want some spiritual help. I reckon you've got three options: the Law of Attraction, prayer or your own inner spirit. Let's look at all three options.

 The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction basically states that if you have a goal, you must visualise having achieved the goal. You must passionately want the goal and you must emit positive energy with respect to the goal. If you do this, the universe will be attracted to your positive energy and your belief and will make it happen for you. Lisa Nichol explains it like this: "Every time you look inside your mail expecting to see a bill, guess what? It'll be there. Each day you go out dreading the bill, you're never expecting anything great, you're thinking about debt, you're expecting debt. So debt must show showed up, because the law of attraction is always being obedient to your thoughts. Do yourself a favor − expect a check."

The only problem with this hypothesis is that it is ridiculous. The universe is not a servant eager to please you. To the best of our knowledge, it is not sentient in any way and, even if it was, it is so incomprehensibly vast that you or I are less than insignificant to it. No one is entirely sure how big the Universe is. But based on available, observational knowledge, scientists estimate that there are vastly more stars in the known universe than there are the combined quantity of cells in every human who has every lived on Earth. So, for the universe to care about you is about the same as you caring about a single blood cell in a shoemaker in rural Laos. 

The Universe is way, way, way too vast to care about you or your goals. Don't expect it to help and don't blame it if you fail to achieve your goal by focusing on emitting positive energy to the universe.


If you are religious, you could pray to your god for help in achieving your goal. A lot of people do this.

Christians, Jews and Muslims pretty much believe in the same god. It's in the details and the prophets that they vary in belief. Nevertheless, all three religions are in agreement that God created the heavens and Earth in six days and on the seventh She rested.

That's impressive! Clearly, God is a strategic thinker who makes big things happen. She does not seem to be much of a details oriented God. For example, She's not done anything recently to help impoverished Christians, Jews and Muslims around the world. Presumably, She's focused on far bigger things.

Neither is She a micro-manager. She's given us humans free will, intelligence and creativity presumably because She wants us to work things out for ourselves while She worries about the big stuff.

So, even if your god were to answer your prayers, she would probably and rightly tell you not to nag Her and to pursue your goals yourself.

Pray to your god for comfort, love and support. But don't realistically expect her to achieve your goals for you!

Your Inner Spirit

The third option is to look to your own inner spirit in order to achieve your goals. Evolution (or your god) gave you free will, intelligence, creativity and phenomenal capability. You have the ability not only to visualise your goal (as the law of attraction would have you do), but also the ability to break that goal down into manageable steps that will take you from where you are now to the accomplishment of your goal.

You have the creativity to analyse the problems you will most likely encounter as you strive to get to your goal.

You have the capability to get things done.

And your inner spirit can support you along the way, reminding you of your capability, creativity and intelligence. Your inner voice can cheer you on and remind you that you can indeed do it.


One of the problems I have with the Law of Attraction or praying to God to achieve goals is that you are relying on a greater power to do your work for you − which is silly. Would you ask your president, prime minister or other ruler to take out your rubbish or hoover the living room? Probably not. Usually, it is the other way around: the greater power asks subordinates to do things for her.

More importantly, when you rely on some supernatural, greater power to do things for you, then you fail to take full responsibility for achieving your own goals. And, when you don't take full responsibility, you are much less likely to succeed. Moreover, on those rare cases when you do succeed, you are more likely to misplace your appreciation.

For example, when you thank God for your success, you fail to acknowledge your own and others' efforts that enabled you to succeed. A doctor tells me about how she and her team worked all night to save a child who had been in a car crash. It was touch and go, but they saved the boy. When the doctor went to tell the parents, the cried with joy, "God has saved our son!"

The doctor, a Christian herself, felt hurt by this. She reckoned she and her team also deserved a little credit for saving the boy. I reckon they deserved nearly all of it.

The other problem with expecting the Universe or God to make your goals happen for you is that doing so demotivates you from taking real action. Wishing, with positive energy, or praying to God to establish a successful restaurant is never going to work as well as actually researching what needs to be done to set up and promote a restaurant, making a plan and methodically taking the steps you need to launch your restaurant.


Likewise, if you expect the Universe's energy to make your restaurant happen or if you expect God to market your restaurant and your attempt fails, it is all too easy to blame the wrong things for your lack of success. Wrong things include:

Believing that supernatural events like these led to your failure prevent you from working out what actually did lead to your failure. Perhaps you did not have enough investment to get your business started. Perhaps the location was a bad choice. Perhaps the bad mayonnaise, that gave food poisoning to most of your first customers, discouraged customers from returning.

Determining the functional reasons, as opposed to the supernatural reasons, why you did not succeed in achieving your goal enables you to learn from your mistakes and apply that knowledge to future endeavours.

Followers and Leaders

Have you ever noticed how people who write about and promote the Law of Attraction seem to have far more success with it than the people who read their books and sign up for their workshops? This is because the leaders in the movement are highly motivated people who put a huge amount of effort into their success. Whether or not they really believe in the law of attraction, I do not know. But  they have worked out that selling the law of attraction to followers is a lucrative business.

It is my sense that these new age leaders are driven, hard working, goal oriented people who get things done through their own efforts. And they are opportunists who recognise that they can sell a method to lazier people who would rather just send positive energy into the universe than to really work to achieve their goals.

Look to Your Inner Spirit

If you want to succeed like successful new-age enthusiasts, follow their methods rather than their preaching. Determine your goal, plan it and pursue it. Don't waste your energy trying to emit positive energy to the universe. Instead, use that positive energy to undertake each step that you need to take to get to your goal.

As you do so, look to your inner spirit for strength and resolve. Look to your intelligence and creativity to work out how to achieve your goals and look to your free will to make the decision to make your life successful.

Want to know more about achieving goals? Read this article.


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