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Tom Meyers
The Critical Importance of Standing Out from the Crowd
If you want your business to be a leader, you need to stand out and that means daring to be different.

How to Be Professionally Awesome
How to Be Professionally Awesome
If you want to be professionally awesome, you need to set habits not goals, define your unique awesomeness and share. Allow me to explain.

10 Things Native English Speakers in International Teams Need to Know
10 Things Native English Speakers in International Teams Need to Know
Native English speakers in international teams are often difficult to understand. Here's some advice for them.

Creative Writing for Social Media: 10 Tips
Creative Writing for Social Media: 10 Tips
If you want to write awesome social media posts that get attention, communicate your point and impress, start by reading this article

How to Design and Deliver an Awesome Presentation in Nine Steps
How to Design and Deliver an Awesome Presentation in Nine Steps
Nine things you really need to know in order to deliver a memorable, compelling and effective presentation or talk.

How to Reset Yourself to Enjoy Your Job
How to Reset Yourself to Enjoy Your Job
If your job is getting you down, try resetting the way you think about it every morning - by guest author Lenka Grackova

Don't Just Wonder What Went Wrong - Ask What Went Right
When things go wrong, don't kick yourself and ask,

Why Questions Are Better than Advice
Why Questions Are Better than Advice
Offering advice without fully understanding a problem is a mistake. Asking questions is better. This article explains.

To Communicate Like a Leader, Start by Talking to Yourself
If you want to communicate like a leader, the first step you need to take is to have a talk with yourself. Here's why and how.

The Power of Compliments
A Leader's Guide to Compliments
Complimenting people is a surprisingly powerful tool, this article explains why

Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?
Story: Have I Ever Told You How Beautiful You are?
A short love story about a man who daily asks his wife if he has ever told her how beautiful she is.

Interview with Stuart Ayling: sales and marketing for business
Interview with Stuart Ayling: sales and marketing for business founders
Podcast interview with Stuart Ayling on selling and marketing for middle-age entrepreneurs and small business founders.

Making choices in this time of abundance
These days we are overwhelmed with choice for shampoos, appliances and romantic partners; here is some advice on how to cope with too much choice.

Do not underestimate the value of your network
I failed to appreciate the value of my network when I moved from Bangkok to Brussels. Learn from my mistakes

How to make stress work for you instead of against you
How you can learn to reframe stress into being a positive thing that energises you and enables you to do awesome things.

The Value of the Deepest Reaches of Your Network
When you want to make a professional life change, your network is important, but you may be surprised to know which part of your network is most useful.

How to Get Realistic Feedback from Friends and Yourself
Friends are great, but when you ask them for advice, they are more likely to tell you what you want to hear than give you realistic and possibly negative feedback.

How to Succeed in Dating When You Are Over 40
If you are playing the dating game again in middle age, read this article.

How to Get Unset in Your Ways
As we get older, we tend to get set in our ways. While this may be comforting, it is not good for the mind. Let me share with you a dozen tips for getting unset in your ways.

Quickly Boost Your Self-Confidence
Don't let nerves damage your self confidence before a job interview, speech or date. Follow my tips to boost your self-confidence instead.

Ten Tips on How to Be More Likeable
Everything you need to know to be liked and adored by everyone you meet.

Tips on How to Manage People
When promoted to management, many people find it challenging to manage and motivate their teams. Here are some tips.

How to Get Out of a Rut
If you or someone you care about is stuck in a rut, this article explains how to get out of the rut and find a meaningful life.

Need to Make a Decision? Just Decide and Take Pride
Many people find it hard to make a decision for fear of making the wrong one. But it is far better to follow my advice: just decide and take pride.

The Importance of Acknowledging Feelings
If you can learn to acknowledge negative feelings in yourself and others; if you can learn to respect those feelings and even appreciate them, you will be a more balanced person yourself as well as a great friend, relation and partner.

How to Make Your Five Year Plan
Successful people are seldom successful by accident. More often than not, they draw up long term plans and then methodically tackle them. You can too.

The Amazing Power of Three
The Power of Three is an awesome one that you can use in selling, writing, presenting, cooking and any time you are creating something for others.

Who Can Best Make Your Goals Happen? The Universe, God or You?
New-agers argue that the law of attraction is the way to achieve your goals. The religious encourage you to pray to your god for assistnace. I argue that you should look to your inner spirit.

Kick Off Eight Great Habits in Your Kids
If you instil great habits in your children when they are young, those habits will last a lifetime, ensuring your awesome offspring grow into awesome adults.

Does Your Job Suck?
Does your job suck? If so, you need a plan to change that. Here's how to do it.

You Cannot Live Your Dream Until You Know Your Dream
Do you have a dream? If so, is it the right dream for you? If you are not sure, you need to ask yourself some questions.

Eight Tips for Writing a Great Paper, Blog Post or Letter
The ability to write great documents is critical in this age of communication. Whether you are writing a blog post, a white paper or a business letter, these tips will help you write better documents that get read and lead to action.

Seven Dubious Rules to Live By
You are probably used to rules to live by. These are usually obvious, nice rules. Here, for a change, are seven dubious rules that will make your life more awesome.

Seven Reasons Why You Need to Play More
If you think play is only for children, think again. Play keeps you young, creative and healthy. Play is great for relationships and for starting a relationship if you are not in one. In short, play makes you more awesome.

A Dozen Simple Tips for Achieving Inner Peace
Would you like to achieve inner peace, but feel too stressed? Do you worry that finding inner peace requires shaving your head and moving to a Buddhist temple. If so, don't worry. Here are 12 tips for getting to inner peace.

How to Boost Your Productivity a Gazillionfold
Do you feel that you are doing too much busy-work without being sufficiently productive? If so, don't panic. I explain how to be a gazillion times more productive than you are now.

Ten Tips for Improving Your Mind Beyond Comprehension
Here are ten thing you can do to improve your mind beyond all comprehension or just to imporve it a bit, as you wish!

How to Manipulate People for Fun and Profit
If you have ever wanted to manipulate another person, here is all you need to know.

Praising Your Children's Great Results Is a Mistake
Your child comes home with excellent marks from school. If you praise those marks and her intelligence, you are doing her no favours. Here's why.

7 Ways to Make Your Facebook Friends Green with Envy
You probably know that spending too much time on Facebook leads to envy-induced unhappiness. Here are seven ways to make others envy you!

Unbusy Yourself. Now.
These days, everyone claims to be busy and is proud of it. They are wrong to feel that way.

Podcast: Interview with Tom Meyers on Mid-Life Change
Tom lived a life that many would envy. Yet he was unhappy and lost until a coach asked him three questions that changed his life.

Rediscover Your Inner Energy
Children are bursting with energy. But when they grow up, they learn to repress it and that does bad things. Here's how you can rediscover your personal energy.

Blow Up Your Car and Get a Bike
If a car is your main mode of transportation, it's time you blow up that car and get a bicycle. Here's why bikes are so great.

Manage Your Sugar Before It Manages You
What is the difference between dinner and dessert? If you answered dessert is sweet and dinner is savoury, you may be in for a surprise

Three Tricks for Coping with Depresssion
Depression is a nasty beast that can bring the strongest of us down. Here are three things you can do to make it easier for you.

Why You Need a Unique Awesome Proposition
If You Don't Have a Unique Awesome Proposition, Your Future Is Hopeless

7 Things You Need to Know to Stay Young Looking
ISeven Things You Need to Know to Stay Young Looking - number seven is most important!

Walking Is the Best Exercise Ever
Walking is great for health, fitness and creativity. Learn why you should be walking 30 minutes a day.

7 Things You Must Do to Become Famous
Want to become famous? You can. It just takes a bit of work and originality. In this article, I explain how.

Sexy Goals and How to Achieve Them
If you want to achieve great things in life, ordinary goals are not enough. You need sexy goals.

How to Talk Back to Your Inner Voice
If you are like many people, one of the biggest impediments to becoming more awesome is a critical inner voice that seems to take pleasure in making you feel less awesome than you really are.

Write Your Own Step-by-Step Guide to Where You Want to Go
With so many self help books, blogs and podcasts offering step-by-step guides to everything, it is tempting to find a step by step guide to a better you. You won't. You'll have to write it.

Learn from Your Envy
When someone you know succeeds, it is natural to envy her. Don't. Learn from her instead.

A Quick Introduction to the Wonders of Personal Innovation
Personal innovation is the act of improving yourself by making changes in who, what and how you are in order to improve yourself and your world

8 Things You Need to Know When a Friend Needs You
When a friend calls and says she (or he) needs someone to talk to, it is usually not good news. But you can help her through it. Here\'s how.

3 Things You Can Do With Your Computer to Improve Your Life by a Factor of 3
If you use your computer (or tablet or smartphone) a lot, here are three suggestions that will vastly improve your life.

Growing Older Is Great - Here's Why
Many of us fear growing old in a society that adores youth and youthful beauty. The truth is growing old is actually marvellous!

The Most Important Advice Ever: Carry a Notebook Everywhere
This is probably the most important general advice you will ever receive. Be sure to write it down.

7 Suggestions on How to Thrive at Social Events
Do you find that when you attend parties, networking events and other social events, you hide in a corner, hang out with your usual friends and otherwise avoid meeting new people?

3 Seemingly Wimpy Actions that Demonstrate Strength
These three actions may seem signs of weakness and vulnerability; but they actually demonstrate strength and confidence.

Let Your Kids Make Mistakes
It is well known that people learn from their mistakes - so why are we reluctant to let our children make mistakes?

If You Cannot Find Your Passion, Create One
If you have been searching for your passion without success, maybe it is time to stop searching and start creating your passion.

Characteristics of Highly Creative People
Highly creative people are different from other in a number of ways, some of which will surprise you.

10 Tips for Raising Creative Kids
My ten suggestions -- based on research, experience and reading -- for raising children to become creative thinking adult

Mid-Life Career Change
Changing your career or professional direction in your middle ages is challenging. But it is not impossible.

Happiness Is Overrated
With all the fuss about happiness these days, you might think it is bad to be unhappy. Quite the contrary

You have probably heard of mindfulness. But have you heard about imaginativefulness? It is a state that is ideal for creative thinking and reflective problem solving.



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