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Jeffrey Baumgartner

I have spent a little more than a half century on this planet where I have had the good fortune to have lived in six countries on three continents. Along the way, I have met thousands of awesome people and count myself lucky to have friends on every continent except Antarctica. I've learned so very much from them.

Of course my life has been far from perfect; I have screwed up along the way, many times. I have been married twice and in more failed relationships than I can count (though I am hoping my current relationship will last).

I have been through bouts of depression in which I pushed away friends who truly wanted to help me. But I was in such a dark place, I only thought they didn't care about me.

In other words, I have made more mistakes than most, but I have tried to learn from them.

Professionally, I have taught English in Lisbon, Berlin, the USA and Thailand; run a communications division of a Thai publishing house; been an advice columnist and magazine columnist for Asian magazines; set up one of Bangkok's first Internet and multimedia production companies; advised the European Commission on promoting e-commerce; set up a company producing innovation management software in Belgium; co-founded the Brussels Imagination Club which is a platform for experimentation in training and facilitation; and have been an international keynote speaker and creativity facilitator. Oh, and I've written a couple of books on creativity and innovation as well as a science fiction humour novel.

It's been a rather good half century. I've had my ups and my downs. The worst was when my first son died at just one week of age. It shattered my heart and soul. The best was when my second and third sons were born healthy. They're teenagers now and would make any father proud. I'd like to think I played a role in their awesomeness.

Along the decades, two things in particular have interested me: human behaviour and the creative mind which, of course, are related. That's what this web site and these articles are about: putting together what I have learned as well as current research to provide intelligent, creative, awesome people like you with, I hope, useful, thought-provoking articles on how to become more awesome than you already are. That's not easy, because you are already very, very awesome.

Thank you and enjoy your time here.

Jeffrey Baumgartner

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