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Jeffrey Baumgartner speaking at TEDx

About Jeffrey

I have had the pleasure of a diverse, international life. I was born in the USA and moved with my family to the UK when I was a teenager. I have also lived in Portugal, Germany, Thailand and Belgium. Along the way, I studied sculpture, have taught English, worked in communications, was a magazine columnist, launched one of Thailand's first web and multimedia development companies, promoted e-commerce to businesses for the European Commission, founded a software company, written four books (fiction and non-fiction) and more. These days, I write, speak at events and run seminars and workshops on creativity, innovation and awesomeness.

My life has been a little too diverse for most professions, but it has taught me a lot about people. And, I have the pleasure of knowing people from all around the world. Even in my family, my sons and I were born on three different continents.

In addition, my recent work in creativity has taught me a lot about behavioural economics.

This convoluted mess of a life of mine has taught me a lot about awesomeness. I have decided to share what I have learned with you, because you seem like an awfully awesome person yourself!



About the People on this Site

I am fortunate in having some very awesome friends spread around the world. I asked them for permission to use their pictures on Awesome You Be and the pictures you see here are of those friends who agreed. My awesome friends here are from various European countries, America, Canada, South Africa and Australia. They range in age from 19 to late 50s. They are students, housewives, professors, museum curators, company managers, government employees and do other things. The one thing they have in common is that they are really awesome!

Please note that they have only agreed to share their images on this web site. They do not necessarily agree with the articles and opinions published here (which are mostly mine). And they are not endorsing any products or professional services that are promoted on this web site.

About the Web Site

The idea behind Awesome You Be is simple. It is a collection of articles, podcasts and videos about how to be more awesome and otherwise improve yourself, your life and your work. It also aims to encourage you to hire me to run workshops and/or speak about awesomeness at your next event.





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